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Customer Intelligence Administration

Software for Customer Support and Satisfaction Tracking

Customer satisfaction isnít a new business buzzword.  Itís the foundation of every successful firm.

To keep satisfaction high, you must be able to respond to your customerís questions and concerns rapidly and thoroughly.  And you must watch for trends in those concerns, so you can preserve your good reputation for potential new customers.

Newton CIA is the tool to help you do these things better and more efficiently than your competitors.

Find out if your firm could reduce costs by managing customer satisfaction with Newton CIA.  Download our free evaluation tool, called "A Satisfaction Test"ô (our downloads contains no spyware).

We invite you to learn more about Newton CIA.  With the buttons on the side bar of this page, you can examine its benefits, features, pricing and support - and then try out the free single PC version.  If you like what you see, you can use the free single PC version, or turn it into a networked version by obtaining an enabling code online from Newton Computing.  Or contact us for more information.

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